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WARNING: These effects are now superceded by my PIP Plus plugin.

What are PIP transitions:

These transitions allow one to place a smaller sized image or a movie clip over another full framed image/clip. The first clip is shown in a smaller size and placed within the 2nd clip at various positions.

How is this one Different:

There are many approaches to achieve this useful effect. Apart from commercial solutions, Papajohn and others have explored what can be achieved via DirectX Compositor Transition. Their approach allows exact placement of one clip into the other by specifying the coordinates in pixels. However this also happens to be a restriction since the coordinates need to be specified in pixels within the input and output frames sizes. This makes it impossible to use the Effect while editing in Movie maker as the preview mode works with a lower resolution frame size clips. Also one needs to rework the coordinates in XML if input or output video frame size changes.

To resolve these issues I have made these PIP Effects as the positions and sizes are specified in relative coordinates as a fraction of frame size. So a "bottom right position" remains at the same relative position for all frame sizes. Editing and preview also works as expected.


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A Self extracting zip file consisting of xml file + icons' dll file. Contains 9 PIP effects.


(83 Kb)


This transition is made using the built in class called Simple3D by freezing its progress at a certain time. Simple3D class allows moving the picture in four directions: up, down, right, left. I have discovered that one can combine them together so "up, left" would move it towards top-left corner. If now we freeze this movement at a specified progress value we get a PIP effect:

<Transition name="PIP, top left" iconid="1">
<Param name="InternalName" value="Simple3D" />
<Param name="InitialScaleA" value="0.30" />
<Param name="ScaleA" value="0.30" />
<Param name="MoveA" value="left, up" />
<Param name="FadeStartA" value="1.0" />
<Param name="Progress" value="0.33" />


With this approach, it is not possible to achieve as much fine tuning in the placement of the smaller picture as one may desire...

Also see my PIP Plus plugin which allows more advanced and exact control over placement of both image rectangles together with background and overlays.




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