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With the release of Vista we have a major update in the underlying framework of Movie Maker. Although the front end and the built in content (effects, transitions and titles) look almost the same as those of XP, the possibilities of making new custom effects using XML are endless.

Here is an example of what is now easily possible by tweaking the xml that was not available before.

Pan Zoom with full freedom:

The DLLs that accompanied with WMM in XP included parameters to perform a very limited panning and zooming actions. To overcome this disability I made my Pan Zoom effects package which has been very popular as it allowed full flexibility in making your own panning and zooming effect by modifying a few parameters in the XML. This is now redundant as the underlying mechanism is fully flexible and allows to implement my pan zoom package directly.

A simple example "Pan A to I"

A simpla pan across the picture from top-left to bottom right is specified by the highlighted part of the following XML.

<TransitionsAndEffects Version="2.8">
<EffectDLL guid="TFX">
<Effect name="RPZ: Pan A to I" iconid="6" guid="RPZ Pan A to I" shadermodel="2">
<Param name="Animation" value="FXPanZoom" />
<Param name="FXFile" value="Parity.fx" />
<Param name="Technique" value="PanZoom" />
<TextureViewport evaluation="Linear" type="float4">
<Point time="0.0" value="0.00,0.00,0.75,0.75"/>
<Point time="1.0" value="0.25,0.25,0.75,0.75"/>

Note that the parameter values are mostly the same as in my implementation of custom pan zoom plugin for Movie Maker 2.0 (XP) except that one can specify more than two times:

<Point time="t" value="x, y, width, height"/>

t = 0.0 means start time
t = 1.0 means end time


Here is a full set of Pan Zoom package based on my grid style naming convention.
Download: Pan Zoom for Vista (freeware).

I will shortly expand this page with more examples.


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