Sunday, 9 September 2007

Split Transitions for Movie Maker v6

These transitions are free addon if you have ShaderTFX.

One of the most popular transitions I hacked for XP were the Split Video Transitions. It is a pity that despite its advanced and powerful architecture Vista does not provide a simple mechanism to make these transitions. Well! actually there is a general inability to customize transitions in Vista Movie Maker.

However with ShaderTFX all those old tricks become possible again in Vista... And much more!!!

Below I have provided a set of split transitions made using the external texture capabilities of ShaderTFX. Basically you draw a black and white mask image for splitting image A (black area) and image B (white area). The shape can be arbitrary. Once the image is ready you need to specify it in the XML file like this:

<Transition name="RehanFX Split Center AB" iconid="0" guid="RehanFX Split cAB" ShaderModel="2">
<Param name="ShaderFilename" value="rehanfx_split.fx"/>
<Param name="Technique" value="SplitSimpleTransition"/>
<Param name="TextureFile" value="%ProgramFiles%\Movie Maker\Shared\AddOnTFX\Split\cab.png" />

Download this free addon for SahderTFX: rehanfx_split.exe
Also see this post on WMM Forums:


At 1 July 2008 05:54 , Blogger jouku said...

This post has been removed by the author.

At 20 February 2009 03:45 , Blogger Mrs. Fulmer said...

how do i divide it si it make 2 separeted videos in one screen?
I want to make the effect of 2 people talking on the phone but I can't make it work with the transitions because it moves to one side!

At 6 September 2009 20:25 , Blogger yoda fan101 said...

I cant make it to separate videos or pix.....whenever i press it it doesn't even divide the pictures it fades from one to the other.......some people have the blue colored transition i have the green one and the blue ones seem to work but not mine....... I'm pretty sure mines a vista......HELP!!!!!

At 12 October 2009 04:28 , Blogger RockProductionsCPMV said...

ok i downloaded this thing and it dont even work! I click on it and it just fades out HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

At 7 November 2009 05:51 , Blogger kiera said...

This doesnt work, for some reason it doesnt!
how can i make it work!?

At 28 January 2010 12:47 , Blogger Bon said...

so do u have to pay for the shaderfx thing? I doenloaded everything you said but its not workin. I see them all on my transitions list but they do nothing to my vid

At 11 February 2010 01:13 , Blogger Jessi said...

I think that there's something wrong with your code. All of the transitions are the equivalent of Fade, which isn't right.

At 7 December 2010 03:39 , Blogger Just Me said...

Hi, I was wondering if I could do 2 things.

1. Make the above and below split screens larger?

2. The transition for the above and below come with A on top and B on bottom. Is there a way I can get B on top and A on bottom? I know I can switch the two pictures/videos but I was trying to experiment and would need both.



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